Michael Barnard

Managing Director and Fund Manager

Michael was born in Forres, Scotland in 1950. He developed an interest in the Stock Market at the age of sixteen. This interest quickly grew into a hobby and then an addiction. Following graduation in 1971 from Aberdeen University with an MA Degree in Economics, Michael entered the Stock Broking profession. Having trained as a Private Client Advisor to becoming Head of a Research Department. In 1974 he became a member of the London Stock Exchange. In 1988 he founded the firm as it exists today. He ascribes his success to the love and dedication to his work, though he has never looked upon it as work.

His vast knowledge of the equity market has helped him achieve the consistent high performance of the funds he has under management. He tends to be a stock picker rather than looking to invest in a particular sector or size of company. His approach is very much on long term capital appreciation with an aversion to risk, though results of portfolios managed by us even over the shorter term have often shown substantial gains relative to the Stock Market generally. He avoids the lemming approach of buying on take over rumours or on Press comments and has a policy of disposing of poorer investments (usually those that have fallen in value) in favour of good.

Simon Like

Fund Manager

Simon was born in Hay on Wye in 1969.

He became interested in the Stock Market at an early age, which then developed into a hobby. After 10 years in retail banking with HSBC, he left to become a Director of J V Like Land Rover in Mid Wales.

A few years later it became apparent that his love for stocks and shares was where he saw his future, and after meeting Michael Barnard, he was given the opportunity to enter the profession he loves.

He has undertaken the Securities Institute exams and holds the Securities Institute Certificate in Investment Management.

He is a stock picker rather than an investor in sectors or particular size of Companies. He spends a lot of time looking for companies to invest in. He ideally meets the management and Directors of these companies and keeps in regular contact so that he can accumulate an in-depth knowledge of each one.

When the outlook for the Stock Market prices is poor, we tend to build up the liquidity of portfolios and place the cash on deposit at Money Market rates until the outlook has improved. It is this flexible approach to investments that has helped us build up a loyal clientele, most of whom have come through personal recommendation.

He manages over £28 million of funds on a discretionary basis, with the emphasis being on capital growth although portfolios are individually tailored to meet the client’s particular requirements. New Century AIM VCT Plc and New Century AIM VCT2 Plc have both been managed with Michael since March 2005 and March 2008 respectively

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