We offer five types of services to potential investors:


Your account is managed by one of our fund managers who will identify your requirements via the completion of a client questionnaire, and manage the portfolio accordingly. The minimum investment required is £25,000 in order to allow economic units to be purchased while at the same time giving a measure of diversification. You will receive a contract note for each trade, and a valuation on a regular basis in order that you can track the performance of the portfolio.

Execution Only

If you are happy to make your own investment decisions, we offer a personal execution only service, where we will strive to obtain the best dealing price for your order at the time. We are able to deal in all listed UK Companies including AIM and Full list, as well as Bonds and most foreign listed companies.

Certificated Share Dealing

We can accommodate investors that wish to retain their own share certificates. Settlement is usually longer and you are responsible for the delivery, receipt and safekeeping of the share certificates.


Custodian Services

Nominee Account

Our nominee account offers you simplicity, security and efficiency, with the added benefit of prompt settlement. We hold your securities registered in the name of our nominee company in Crest in designated accounts, to distinguish from those held by other clients. We arrange settlement of your trades, collect dividends and process corporate actions on your instructions.

Crest Personal Membership Account

Crest is the UK’s real-time electronic securities settlement service. We act as your ‘sponsor’ in order for you to obtain personal membership. We then administer your account while your securities remain in your name in electronic format on the company register. Dividends, company information and documentation are sent directly to you, in the same way as if you held a share certificate.

Any client using these services will receive an annual statement detailing those investment/cash that we hold for them.


Charges may apply, please contact us for a full list of charges.



Tax wrappers such as ISA’s are important products that encourage long term saving. As a regulated ISA manager we can ensure your portfolio makes full use of any tax free allowance you have available.An ISA can be utilized either through our execution only services where you would chose the companies you wish to be held within the ISA, or you have an ISA managed through our discretionary services.
It is important to note that the tax treatment of all investment depends upon your individual circumstances and may be subject to change. Your specific tax circumstances should be discussed with a tax advisor.

M.D. Barnard & Co Ltd does not offer or give financial advice.

The current 2018/19 annual subscription limit is £20000. This limit can change and it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not exceed this allowance in any one tax year.


When clients are most in need of help, should you be affected by bereavement we offer a comprehensive Probate service, for individuals and solicitors.

We provide a full service handling all the administration pertaining to any securities held by an Estate. This includes verifying holdings to provide a Probate valuation, registering the death with the company registrars, lodging the Probate (once granted) and transferring/selling any securities held to the Executor or Beneficiary.

Please contact us and speak to a member of our team for further information.